The HF radar station in Portofino has been restored

Finally, after the damage suffered, due to the exceptional swell of October 2018, thanks to the support of the IMPACT project and the collaboration between the partners, the CNR HF radar station installed at the Portofino lighthouse has been restored and made operational again.

The restore operations have slowed down because of the epidemiological emergency that forced the staff to postpone on-the-spot missions for a few months.

The final calibration of the antenna took place in mid-July 2020. From that moment surface sea currents, at the center of the Ligurian Sea, are back under observation. The Portofino station completes the transboundary radar network as planned by the project, leading it to cover an area of about 16,000 square km.
For this purpose, IMPACT will build a dedicated geographic information system (GIS) available on the WEB.

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