Guidelines for the governance

During the final phase of the IMPACT project, the partners are in charge of defining those guidelines that support the transboundary action plan for the protection of MPAs. It consists of the 3 products of the T1.2 activity, and it provides useful directions for the protection of MPAs through:

  • their correct sizing according to ecological retention rates and self-persistence indices;
  • optimal monitoring of contaminants;
  • the use of geospatial datasets by WEB-GIS for forecasts and risk mitigation purposes.

The guidelines, which underline the peculiarities of the study areas, are formulated in order to remain general and applicable in different geographical contexts. They are based on observation principles and methodologies, numerical modelling and sampling recognized by the scientific community.

The publication on the guidelines has an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and is available for free at the following link .